Monday, January 7, 2013

Dragon Leather Works Flatjack Holster

    The Flatjack by Dragon Leather Works is without question the most comfortable holster I have ever worn. Now with that clearly biased statement out of the way I can get down to the details of why and what I have done with it since I received it from Dennis. For a frame of reference these are the holsters I was using before the Flatjack become my choice for daily carry:

Model 5BHL Thumbsnap Holster by Bianchi

Speed Paddle Holster by Galco

Neither of these holsters was designed so as to make carrying a full size revolver all day comfortable, the simple design and solid construction of the Flatjack on the other hand succeeds at this task without a hitch. While I haven't done any "extreme" tests on this holster like the hunting trip I used the Viper for It has ridden on my right hip nearly every day since I received it and there are times when I actually have to check to see if I am even wearing it because of how well it rides.

In spite of the use, not caring for it per the instructions Dennis sends with each new holster, using the wrong kind of belt, and my over-sized midsection the stitching is still tight and it has retained it's form as intended. It is not easy to find a comfortable holster for conceal carry when you are chubby but this one works like a charm.

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