Monday, February 6, 2012

Putting Football Rivalries Aside, Mayors Unite Against Illegal Guns

can you believe this this guy?

how exactly is it that NYC (and by extension the gun control measures he wants nationwide) could be construed as anything other than a violation of the second amendment?


  1. Thankfully, it was only aired in the DC area so we didn't have to put up with it, but Menino, really?

    issa patriarch thing tu do.

    Man, enunciate.

  2. Oh man it made me crazy. I was in such a good mood. Sitting there with my family, laughing and joking and then bam, these two knuckleheads pop up and start spewing their lies. Idiots.

  3. i'm not a sports fan so i didn't find out about it until i checked my e-mail and got the alert from google like what i have at the bottom of the page here. Can't stand Bloomberg or his cronies so not surprised i mean hell even the brady bunch "claims" to be 2nd amendment friendly... go figure